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Delaware Broadband Initiative

Cell tower

Wireless Broadband

Delaware has been working extensively to expand broadband access across the state for several years. The State's initial financial contribution of about $1.5M resulted in over $30M in private investment and 700 miles of fiber.

Wireless Rural Broadband Pilot

James Collins with Pilot Participants

Fixed wireless solutions can provide a path forward for rural households and businesses in Delaware that don't have access to high-speed "wired" broadband connections, enabling broadband adoption benefits without unnecessary private and public expenditures.

As wireless broadband solutions offer increasing speed and reliability, rural households and businesses have opportunities to leapfrog over previous technological solutions, just as some developing countries skipped landline telephones in favor of mobile technology.

Our pilot projects yielded very positive results.

Expanding Rural Wireless Broadband

Public–private partnership opportunities capitalize on the strengths of the public and private sectors to address gaps in broadband availability throughout the state.

In July 2018, DTI issued an RFP focused on enabling service to homes and businesses where broadband service is not readily available, particularly in rural Kent and Sussex Counties. This partnership also prioritizes low-cost services for lower income families to enable them to take full advantage of the internet, meeting needs that range from applying for jobs to completing homework assignments.

DTI has selected Bloosurf to design, build, operate and commercialize a wireless network meant to cover the underserved and unserved communities in Kent and Sussex Counties.

The design proposed can be broken down into three parts:

  1. The network core and backbone that integrate the tower sites
  2. The tower sites that provide access to the customers. There are primary towers (8) directly connected to the existing optic fiber network, and secondary towers (7) connected to the primary towers via a 1Gbps connection to be qualified during this project. Each tower is equipped with a TD-LTE access technology using either EBS or CBRS spectrum.
  3. The access equipment at the customer's premises (CPE) and installation.
Estimaged Wireless Broadband Coverage and Speed in Kent and Sussex Counties, Delaware