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Delaware Broadband Initiative

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The Delaware Broadband Office is utilizing several federal funding sources to deploy high-speed internet to all Delawareans and close the digital divide. “Closing the digital divide” is another way of saying we want to bring full Digital Equity to Delaware, where everyone — regardless of age, background, or income level — can afford high-speed Internet, has the skills to navigate digital society safely, and can pursue digitally-based careers.

We need your feedback to help us know what the digital needs are in Delaware. We have put together some surveys where you can give us feedback on what barriers to internet accessibility exist in Delaware, what programs already exist to help close the digital divide, and what we should consider as we work to bring Internet to All Delawareans. We have also published our proposals to expand high-speed internet and address identified digital equity needs below for public comment.


Below are links to surveys, each representing different interests community members may have in high-speed internet expansion or digital equity. Please choose a survey that most closely aligns with your interest to let us know what we should prioritize when it comes to closing the digital divide. If you only want to fill out part of a survey, that’s okay. Fill out as much or as little as you want—we need all of the data we can get to make sure we are meeting the digital needs of Delaware.

Community Anchor Institutions
This survey is to determine what work is being done in the digital equity space by organizations serving the public, like libraries, hospitals, schools, and community centers. This survey is also for these Community Anchor Institutions to let us know if they don’t have access to high-speed Internet.

Covered Populations
We need to consider digital opportunity gaps for populations that historically have faced barriers in accessing the internet. The federal government calls these groups “Covered Populations.” Fill out this link if you’d like to let us know about barriers facing veterans, people who live in rural areas, people with disabilities, people with low literacy, English learners, and racial and ethnic minorities.

Digital Equity Organizations
This is a catch-all survey for people or organizations who either work on closing the digital divide, or just have a strong interest in making sure all Delawareans have access and the skills to navigate digital society.

Internet Service Providers
This survey is for organizations that provide internet service in Delaware, or are interested in expanding their coverage into our state.

State or Local Government Agencies
This survey is for government agencies at the state or local level to let us know what digital equity work they are currently doing, and what needs they are seeing in their communities.

Workforce Development
This survey is for those who may work in or have an interest in recruiting or training Delaware’s workforce, particularly in telecommunications or tech jobs.